The Christian Alliance for Orphans’ monthly webinar series gives local advocates access to the knowledge and experience of top Alliance member churches and organizations nationwide.  Webinars cover key topics on adoption, foster care and/or global orphan care.  Each is hosted by a local church orphan ministry and co-presented by one or more national experts on the subject matter. 

Upcoming Webinars

Bring Orphan Sunday to Your Church

Pick up a treasure trove of ideas, resources and stories you can use to make your Orphan Sunday event unforgettable.  Whether  you want to map out a major event or keep it really simple, this webinar will help you plan.  From adoption to foster care to global orphan care, this is your one-stop planning hour!

Date: August 11, 2015

Time: 2:00pm (Eastern)


COMING SOON:   CAFO Launches the New “Applied Research Webinar Series” in Fall 2015

Stay Tuned for Announcement of Dates in Early August!

Past Webinars

Replicable Models of Transition to Family-Based Care

A growing number of CAFO organizations are pioneering new models that transition children from orphanages into family-based care. Join us for a live discussion between three of these innovators and CAFO President Jedd Medefind.

Presenters: Randy Daniels (Buckner International), Rebecca Nhep (ACCInternational), and Emily Heger (Akola Project).

Download “Replicable Models for Transition to Family-Based Care” Case Study PDF Here
“Spiritual Preparedness for Foster Care & Adoption: Creating a Culture of Commitment”

Entering the journey of foster care and adoption can be one of the most daunting decisions a family makes. For better or worse, adoption is a lifetime commitment. Foster Care is a commitment to loving a wounded child. In addition to practical training on the impact of abuse and trauma, families must spiritually prepare themselves for the journey ahead. In this webinar, ministry and organizational leaders will learn:

– how to move beyond James 1:27 into deeper scriptural understanding of how to equip families for parenting children who’ve experienced trauma and abuse.
– how to help families examine their motives and expectations of foster care and adoption through the lens of scripture.
– how to help families consider the impact of foster care and adoption on their lives and families
– see examples of how other ministries and organizations are combining spiritual preparation and state-based foster care training to improve the success of families post-placement

Presented by: Pam Parish, Connections Homes

Download PPT Presentation PDF



“Key Evidence-Based Strategies to Protect Vulnerable Children from Violence, Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation”

The first protection we owe to children is to guard them from violence. The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) has identified a combination of actions essential to this protection of the young. The CDC had developed these actions into a package of complementary interventions, known as THRIVES, to guide countries as they choose a combination of strategies that together have the greatest potential for impact.

This CAFO webinar is your chance to learn more about THRIVES and the specific strategies it promotes. It will be presented by the individual who led development of THRIVES for the CDC, Dr. Susan Hillis and Dr. Beverly Nyberg, from Peace Corps’ Office of Global Health and HIV as well as a Co-Chair of PEPFAR’s technical working group for orphans and vulnerable children programs.

THRIVES strategies cross health, social services, education, finance, and justice sectors. They include: Training in parenting; Household economic strengthening; Reduced violence through protective policies; Improved services; Values and norms that protect children; Education and life skills; and Surveillance and evaluation. Each of the THRIVES strategy areas is underpinned by promising evidence of success in high income countries, with growing evidence that these strategies work in lower income countries also. PEPFAR, UNICEF, USAID, and the WHO recognize many of the THRIVES strategies as critical components in combatting violence against children.

Presented by: Susan Hillis, PhD, Senior Advisor for Global Health, CDC and Beverly Nyberg, PhD, Senior Advisor for OVC – Peace Corps Office of Global Health and HIV

Download: Key Evidence Based MAY 2015 PPT

“Telling Your Story”

The webinar focuses on the importance of telling about your ministry to engage others in the work of caring for children. The session will help you identify and understand your audiences so you know the best ways to communicate with them in the fast-paced world of global communications.

Presented by: Scott Collins, Vice President of Communications, Buckner International

Download “Telling Your Story” PPT

You Can Adopt Without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption

Think adoption is out of reach because of the expense?  Overwhelmed with how to raise the funds? 
Join us for a webinar with adoptive mom and author Julie Gumm.  Whether you’re a parent or church ministry, come learn ideas to take the “impossible” out of adoption cost.  Packed with practical information on budgeting and grants as well as tons of creative fundraising ideas, this webinar will encourage you and get you on the road to debt-free adoption.  It can be done!  We’ll also include some ways that churches can come alongside adopting families as they raise funds.
Presenter: Julie Gumm, Author “You Can Adopt Without Debt: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption” – due out January 6, 2015 from Abingdon Press

You Can Adopt Without Debt PPT

Quality Care: Making Sure We Make a Difference for Children.

This webinar will demonstrate that evidence-based standards of care and ongoing attention to monitoring and quality improvement can enhance your organization’s ability to support children and families. Participatory rights-based approaches will be emphasized, and participants will be given the tools for self-assessment and improvement. Applying QI principles will promote the agency and voice of the child in an age-appropriate way, and can motivate care providers, program leaders, and donors to challenge themselves to think of new ways to serve children, their kin, and their communities.

Presenter: Prof. Lori DiPrete Brown, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Download Powerpoint Presentation PDF

The Church as a Partner in Biological Family Reunification in Foster Care

 While it is true that a number of children entering foster care will not be able to return home, the goal for the majority of them is to reunify with their birth families.  In this webinar we will explore how foster families, churches and organizations can play a vital role in the reunification process.

Presenters: Herbie Newell, Lifeline Children’s Services; Erin Kim, Mariner’s Church; Lesli Reece, North Point Ministries and Johnston Moore, Home Forever

Download Powerpoint Presentation Here

Wise as a Serpent –Gentle as a Dove

Working in the murky world of Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), governments, and churches.

Come hear lessons learned working in cooperation and partnership with NGO’s, governments and churches.  Receive practical principles in spotting the logs from the alligators, how to construct relationships, develop ways to strengthen relationships, when to get out and how to transition out of unhealthy associations and what questions to ask of potential partners.

Presenter: Mike Douris, President of Orphan Outreach and a veteran of ministry to orphans and vulnerable children for over 40 years.

Download Powerpoint Presentation PDF here!


Engage Your Church in Reaching Out this Orphan Sunday

Whether your church is small or large, Orphan Sunday is your opportunity to stir the community to see God’s heart for the fatherless. This 60-minute webinar will provide practical ideas to help you to inspire and engage your church, youth group or community.

Learn how to create a simple activity, event or themed project for Orphan Sunday. Find partner organizations ready to assist you in turning passion into action. Join churches around the world that are participating in Orphan Sunday. Discover countless ready-to-go resources designed to save you time while strengthening your service and outreach.

Presenters: Orphan Sunday Team

Cultivating a Heart for the Nations in the Next Generation

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, mentor, or advocate, prepare to be encouraged and equipped with practical ideas, devotionals, and activities that are designed to educate and engage today’s children. We will talk about how to share in age-appropriate ways the reality of the orphan experience. This webinar will help you in answering your children’s questions or indifference about orphan care. It will serve anyone who is actively parenting or leading a children’s ministry.

Presenter:  Beth Guckenberger, Back2Back Ministries


Avoiding the Perils and Pitfalls of International Adoption: Advice for Agencies and Adoptive Families

It is heartbreaking for an adoptive family and the child being adopted to reach the “end of the process” and be told by the U.S. Government that the child does not qualify as an orphan or is “not clearly approvable” for a visa to enter the U.S. This webinar addresses the perils and pitfalls of international adoption and specifically, the orphan determination. We will examine how a prospective adopted child gets “stuck” during the orphan investigation before USCIS, how to avoid problems with orphan processing, and the most common mistakes that in-country attorneys, families and agencies make as the case proceeds.

This webinar will be led by two experienced attorneys who regularly assist adoptive families with the process of bringing their adopted children home once they have encountered barriers to the children’s entry to the U.S. Over more than 20 combined years of working with families and agencies, McLane and Christine will walk you through the most common issues that arise in the orphan context.

Presenters: McLane Layton: Attorney and President of Equality for Adopted Children (EACH) and Christine Lockhart Poarch: Principal of The Poarch Law Firm

Download the PPT PDF here!

Understanding CHIFF: The Children in Families First Act

The US Congress is currently considering legislation that could make a tremendous difference for orphans and vulnerable children worldwide:  the Children in Families First Act (CHIFF).  Join this webinar to learn about the reforms proposed by CHIFF and their implications for children who currently lack families.  We’ll be joined by the bi-partisan team of Senator Mary Landrieu and Congressman Trent Franks to analyze the bill, its current prospects and the role citizens can play in its advance.

The Christian Alliance for Orphans always focuses first on the role of individuals and churches in serving orphans, not government.  But we’re also keenly aware of the ways government policies can either help or hinder this work, and we encourage all in the CAFO community to be well informed about issues and policies impacting children in need.

Download PowerPoint – CHIFF

*Video of this webinar currently not available

What You Need to Know Before Starting an International Orphan Care Project

Join this webinar to expand your awareness and understanding of known issues that you WILL face as you start, or help, a program for orphaned or vulnerable children in developing nations. Gaining these new perspectives, your efforts and resources will be more effective and result in deeper impact. This webinar will provide vital principles for any church or individual seeking to start or strengthen overseas programs or partnerships. Come receive practical tools to apply to new or struggling programs.

Presenter: Matt Storer, VisionTrust International

Download PPT Here

The Light of Life: The Church and Orphan Care from the First Century to the Present

One of the most distinctive aspects of the story of the Church through the ages has been its constant care for those the world has cast aside: the poor and outcast, the despised and rejected, the unloved and unlovely. From its earliest days, it was the Church that established hospitals, founded orphanages, rescued the perishing, and fought for justice for the ostracized and the brokenhearted.  This was not merely a new-found altruism.  It was the natural consequence of the Gospel itself. In this seminar, author and historian George Grant will survey the history of the Church’s distinctively Christian approach to the care of orphans.

Presenter: George Grant, Seminar Author, Historian, and Pastor, Parish Presbyterian Church

The 2013 Orphan Care Movement Update and Investor Report

Whether you’ve invested prayer, funds or passion in the Christian Alliance for Orphans, here’s a special chance for an insider’s view of:

* The growth of the adoption & orphan care movement across America
*The biggest challenges facing the movement
* The expansion of indigenous movements around the world
* The impact of your investment & key 2014 priorities of CAFO

Presenter: Jedd Medefind, President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans

Adopting from Foster Care 101

In recent weeks, the nation’s heart was captured by Davion Only, a young man in Florida foster care who asked an entire congregation for a family. His actions have caused many to wonder if they should consider adopting one of the other 100,000 children who wait in our foster care system for a family. If you have ever considered adopting a child from foster care but weren’t sure where to begin or how the process works, this webinar is for you. We will discuss the basic steps of adoption from foster care and important considerations along the way.

Presenter: Dr. Sharen Ford, Former President of the National Association of State Adoption Programs & Child Welfare Consultant


Adoption Nutrition 101

Even when foster and adopted children appear physically healthy, they may have serious deficiencies in key nutrients and significant socio-emotional issues related to food.    The nutrition and mealtime experiences from early in a child’s life can continue to impact in his or her growth potential, brain development, and relationship with food and caregivers.  In this webinar, Zeina Makhoul and Kate Nelson Ward from SPOON Foundation will present an overview of common nutrition and feeding complexities facing adoptive and foster families and how to effectively address them.

Presenters: Cindy Kaplan, MS (Executive Director and Co-Founder, SPOON Foundation), Zeina Makhoul, PhD, RD (Nutrition Scientist, SPOON Foundation), Kate Nelson Ward, MPH, CHES (Curriculum and Training Specialist, SPOON Foundation)

Preventing Malnutrition in Residential Care

The effects of poor nutrition and feeding in the first few years of life can be catastrophic for any child.  The stakes are particularly high for children in baby homes and orphanages, where poor nutrition can compromise a child’s development, likelihood of placement into a permanent family, and survival itself.   While there is much debate over orphanages today, virtually all observers agree that elevating nutrition for children currently in residential care is essential.  In this webinar, learn key information on factors contributing to malnutrition in residential care and the multifaceted solutions necessary to address them.

Presenters: Cindy Kaplan, MS (Executive Director and Co-Founder, SPOON Foundation), Zeina Makhoul, PhD, RD (Nutrition Scientist, SPOON Foundation), Kate Nelson Ward, MPH, CHES (Curriculum and Training Specialist, SPOON Foundation)

How to Engage Your Church in Orphan Sunday

Whether your church is small or large, Orphan Sunday is your opportunity to stir the community to see God’s heart for the fatherless and how individuals can respond. This 30-minute webinar will provide a plethora of practical ideas to help you to inspire and engage others.

Learn how to create a simple activity, event or themed meal for your church, family and/or small group. Find partner organizations ready to assist you in turning passion into action. Join churches around the world that participating in Orphan Sunday. Discover countless ready-to-go resources designed to save you time while strengthening your services, meetings, and events.

Use Orphan Sunday to spark that next step for your family or church that will grow for years to come. Join this webinar to learn how.

Presenters:  Jodi Jackson Tucker, International Orphan Sunday Director, and the Orphan Sunday Leadership Team


The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good

A movement of doing good has begun: We serve. We give. We go. But dangers accompany our service. Burnout. Failed marriages. Spiritual disillusionment. Candidly, Peter Greer calls us to rediscover the foundation of our service … and to recognize the greatest dangers come from within.

Presenter:  Peter Greer is president & CEO of HOPE International and author of “The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good” (released August 1, 2013).



Adoption from Both Sides

Listening to the story and voice and heart of others is an essential part of building authentic relationships. Join Amy Monroe (adoptive mom) and Carissa Woodwyk (adult adoptee) as they share their experiences and insights related to the adoption journey – from two different angles, with two different perspectives – both voices important, both stories needed.

Presenter:  Carissa Woodwyk (Adult Adoptee) and Amy Monroe (Adoptive Mom)


Successful Life Transitions for Aging Out Orphans

As older orphans age out of care, international trends are heartbreaking: homelessness, substance abuse, prostitution, crime and incarceration await many who lack adequate support networks.  The Church is called to step into this gap, aiding orphans into adulthood through holistic life transition support.

This Webinar will examine information and models useful to Christian leaders, churches and para-church organizations as they work to create healthy life transition for aging-out orphans.

W. Scott Brown, Coordinator of the new CAFO “Aging Out Initiative,” will highlight case studies from the new site, discuss trends and best practices, and share how this new initiative can help you both access and share learning on Aging Out programs.

In addition to spotlighting key information and models, this webinar is also intended to seek your input and ideas as we built a clearinghouse of best practices for aging-out orphans in these five areas:  Life Skills Training, Spiritual Care and Mentoring, Transitional Housing, Vocational Training/Entrepreneurship/Job Placement and Church and Community Support Networks.

Presenter:  W. Scott Brown, Coordinator of CAFO “Aging Out Initiative”

Download Scott’s Powerpoint

Making the Best Use of Social Media for Good

In today’s world some of the greatest impact in orphan advocacy is coming from online tools.  How can you best use your voice for good while harnessing the technology at your fingertips?  How can you get your message out effectively with both  confidence and wisdom?  Join Shaun Groves, Coordinator of Blog Ministries for Compassion International, as he explores how to use your online voice for good in a way that will magnify your message and engage your audience.


The Global Orphan Care Movement: Updates from Around the World

Imagine a day when the local church in every nation is known as the primary answer to the global orphan crisis. It can happen! Today, expressions of local orphan care and adoption are growing in churches around the world. In some regions, aspiring networks are rising to help churches care for the orphans in their midst.

Join us to hear stories about emerging orphan care movements from around the world, and how your church or ministry can join with them.

Webinar Speakers: David Hennessey works with orphan care leaders around the world, helping to equip and connect emerging national orphan care movements. Joining David will be national movement leaders, including: Ruslan Maliuta (Ukraine Without Orphans), Ivan Iklyushin (Russia Without Orphans), Pastor George Ndhawa (East African Orphan Summit), Sukhen Biswas (Bangladesh).


Building Trauma Competent Healing Caregivers: What Does That Look Like?

Around the globe, millions of children live in group homes and other residential settings. Many come with deep hurts from severe abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Some have lived on the streets, in orphanages, or as victims of trafficking for many years. Although the staff caring for these children often do so with giving hearts and sincere desire to bring healing, they frequently are not fully equipped for the challenges before them. When it is not possible to see these children taken into family care, how can we help dedicated caregivers to understand and meet the complex needs of wounded children? This webinar will present an overview of what it means to be a healing presence in the life of a wounded child living in a residential setting or foster home. We will discuss three essential skills and three essential tasks key to becoming that healing connection. These tasks and skills can be easily taught and practiced within any cultural setting and offer true hope and restoration to wounded, abandoned and abused children.

Jayne Schooler has worked extensively with caregivers serving wounded children in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine the U.S. and other parts of the world. She is the author of numerous books, including her newest Wounded Children, Healing Homes: How Traumatized Children Impact Adoptive and Foster Families (Navpress). She and her husband are adoptive parents.

Resources:  Handout #1 and Handout #2

Building Trauma Competent Healing Caregivers from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.


20-Minute Investor Report and Movement Update

Whether you’ve invested prayer, funds or passion in the Christian Alliance for Orphans, here’s a special chance for an insider’s view of:

  • The growth of adoption & orphan care movement across America
  • The expansion of indigenous movements around the world
  • The impact of your investment & key future priorities of the Alliance

You can donate ONLINE or mail to: Christian Alliance for Orphans, 6723 Whittier Ave., McLean, VA 22101


Creating a Balanced Adoption & Foster Church Ministry

Now that Orphan Sunday is past, many of you will want to harness that excitement and momentum into something that is ongoing and intentional.  Johnny Carr has been leading sessions for church leaders for several years on ways to practically implement orphan and adoption ministries in the local church.  He will give you the high level view of the ministry but also a sample calendar that is very practical and detailed.

FAS and NAS: Alcohol and Drug Related Birth Defects

This webinar will explain FASD and NAS and offer an introductory view of their implications for the life of a family. It will discuss symptoms, assessments, the school system, daily life, and how they effect the brain. This will be a great session for those who have children affected or those that are considering adopting a child with alcohol or drug related effects. It will address many of the fears and give a real life picture of what raising children with FAS and NAS really is like. Join this session to better equip yourself to love and serve these children and families affected by FAS/NAS in your own communities and congregations.

Wrapping Around Families: Providing Help and Hope to Those Called to Foster or Adopt

Not every family is called to foster or adopt, but we can all be a blessing to the foster and adoptive families in our community, providing much needed (and often lacking) support.  The webinar will explore some crucial ways to help families and some tools for doing it well.

Orphan Sunday: Seize the Opportunity! 

Whether your church is a house church, mega-church or somewhere in-between, Orphan Sunday is your opportunity to help the community see God’s heart for the fatherless and how individuals can respond. This 30-minute webinar will provide practical ideas to help you to make the most of Orphan Sunday to inspire and engage others. Learn how to create a simple activity, event or themed meal for your church, family or small group. Discover countless ready-to-go resources designed to save you time while strengthening your services, meetings, and events. Find partner organizations ready to assist you in turning passion into action. Join churches around the world participating in Orphan Sunday. Use Orphan Sunday to spark that next step in your family or church that will bear fruit for years to come.

The Unadoptable Orphan 201:  Octopi Care

Millions of children globally live without the love and nurture of parents. Yet adoption, whether local or international, is currently available to only a fraction of these children. Standing for these children includes efforts to remove barriers to adoption and to grow a culture of adoption in the church worldwide. Yet Christians also can play a vital role today in the lives of children for whom adoption is not currently an option. Approaching this vast and complex need requires more than a single approach. Rather, we must begin to think like an octopus with many arms reaching out in a broad variety of ways, custom designed for each culture and crisis. This webinar will be an excellent resource for both churches and individuals seeking to discover their unique “arm” in Octopi Care for some of the world’s most at-risk orphans.

Download the PDF of “On Understanding Orphan Statistics” referred to in this webinar.


Microfinance and Orphan Care

Most orphans know poverty intimately. It is a primary reason children become orphans in the first place, and often impacts orphans deeply through their childhood and beyond. So addressing poverty directly is a vital facet of caring for the orphan—from helping struggling families stay together to providing a livelihood for orphans as they enter adulthood. There may be no tool more important in these efforts than microfinance, which is widely recognized as one of the most significant ways to help the entrepreneurial poor overcome poverty. On this webinar, learn about the key elements of microfinance and how those serving orphans can work to unite orphan care and economic development to address the global orphan crisis head on.


Engaging Students in the Cause of the Fatherless

Whether you’re a student, a youth pastor, or just want to help wake a passion for orphans in young people, this webinar is for you!  The idea of Heartwork first sprung up in a Colorado youth group, and it’s now helping students and youth groups across the country care for orphans around the globe.  But this vision is not only about the needs of orphans.  It’s also about rescuing American youth from self-absorbed lives and helping us all grasp God’s great love for orphans…and for each of us as well!  Powerpoint Available:  Engaging Students in the Cause of the Fatherless PPT

Due to technical difficulties, this video contains some interruptions in the sound.

What Adoptees Wish Church Communities Knew

Many of the seven million adult adoptees in the US wouldn’t darken the doors of a church.  Some do, but struggle with issues they dare not verbalize. What if the church were known as a place where adoptees felt truly understood about their challenges and needs?  Sherrie Eldridge, best-selling author (20 Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew) will share insights based on research and her faith-based life experience as an adopted person.


Foster Care Ministry — 25 Little Things That Make a Big Difference

It isn’t always easy to know how best to encourage and aid young people in foster care.  Here’s your chance to hear honest reflections and advice from those who know intimately the challenges of life in foster care…and what a big difference small acts of love can make.

Join the Alliance in welcoming several Foster Youth Interns (FYIs) from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s (CCAI).  They’ll share from personal experience as alumni of the U.S. foster care system their ideas about how churches and individuals can love, support and provide guidance for foster youth. Click to download the 25 Ways to Help Youth in Foster Care.


Grown Up Orphans – Self Sufficiency in International Settings

Although the best place for any child is a loving home, sometimes this is not an option. In such cases, a well-designed continuum of care can effectively minister to the diverse needs of a broad range of children.  Learn about both broad principles and specific practices for supporting all levels of care through partnerships, with a special focus on transitional care approach.  This webinar is designed for individuals who are interested in orphan ministry or who are already involved. Whether it be church leaders, lay people, organization representatives, we can all learn from each other as we discuss the importance of an integrated approach to caring for the least of these.


2011 Investor Report and Movement Update

Beyond Orphan Sunday

What’s next? How can you best harness the energy from your Orphan Sunday events and activities?  Join us for this webinar featuring practical next steps and building blocks for local church orphan ministry and more.  Receive a list of ready-to-go resources for continuing to build on Orphan Sunday in your families, small groups and large ministries.  Hear strategies for turning awareness and excitement into tangible plans for defending the fatherless over the year ahead.  Orphan Sunday is just the beginning!

Orphan Care Ministry that Lasts: A Pastor’s Perspective on Overcoming Common Obstacles

At every stage in the life of an orphan care ministry, obstacles exist. Creating a long-term, sustained ministry to the fatherless is difficult. Drawing from both his own church’s ministry and the experiences of others, Pastor Daniel examines common challenges to a vibrant ministry. The webinar will address various topics, including: engaging church leadership, Orphan ministry Bible studies, post-adoption support, discouragement in ministry, and growing the ministry beyond its initial scope.  Daniel Bennett is the pastor of Bethany Community Church in Washington, Illinois and the author of A Passion for the Fatherless: Developing a God-Centered Ministry to Orphans.

How to Use Orphan Sunday to Engage Your Church

Whether your church is small or large, Orphan Sunday is your opportunity to stir the community to see God’s heart for the fatherless and how individuals can respond. This 30-minute webinar will provide a plethora of practical ideas to help you to inspire and engage others. Learn how to create a simple activity, event or themed meal for your church, family and/or small group. Find partner organizations ready to assist you in turning passion into action. Join churches around the world that participating in Orphan Sunday. Discover countless ready-to-go resources designed to save you time while strengthening your services, meetings, and events. Use Orphan Sunday to spark that next step for your family or church that will grow for years to come. Join this webinar to learn how. 

Transracial Adoption: Becoming a Multicultural/Multiracial Family

Becoming a multi-racial/multi-cultural family through adoption. This webinar will explore social definitions within the context of adoption to include race, ethnicity, nationality and culture. Our webinar will inform participants of the joys and challenges of expanding families trough Transracial adoption, provide awareness of the sensitivities to the lifelong impacts of adoption, and offer tangible suggestions for the community to help support and embrace families.

Starting a Church-Based Foster Care Ministry

Churches of all sizes can create meaningful ministry to serve the 400,000 children in the US foster care system.  This webinar will explore the nuts and bolts for doing so, including effective ways to raise awareness within a church about the needs of children in the foster system and engage volunteers to surround and encourage foster/adoptive families.  The webinar will highlight proven methods for gathering a core leadership team and gaining church staff support.  Other topics include: support groups, respite nights, training events, working with emancipated youth and more. Bruce & Denise Kendrick helped launch Embrace at a small church in Dallas, and have seen that churches of any size can be effective in meeting the deepest needs of foster youth.  

Journeys of Faith: Guiding Principles for Church Global Orphan Care Partnerships

Both within and beyond Christian circles, experts increasingly recognize that indigenous churches are indispensable partners for effective orphan care around the world. Yet for U.S. churches and individuals, partnering globally in ways both that are both discerning and respectful isn’t easy. Explore principles and models drawn from real-world partnerships that unite U.S. churches with local African churches and organizations. Building upon the recently-published Journeys of Faith, the webinar will provide tangible principles of practice and lessons learned as well as must-read resources for any church or individual desiring to engage in orphan care. Join us to learn what it means to “help without hurting.”

Rediscovering a Theology of Adoption and Orphan Care

There are two movements within evangelicalism that are not only experiencing significant growth, but are also wonderfully merging together: the orphan care movement and the reemergence of a deep interest in the theology of adoption. This webinar will explore both how Scripture’s teaching on adoption can inform, shape, and empower evangelicalism’s orphan care movement and how it already is. Join us as we rediscover a theology of adoption and orphan care for the sake of orphans all around the world.

SpeakUP!  Becoming an Orphan Advocate in Your Church

Ideas and tips for engaging your church leadership and your church body in orphan care. Learn how to SpeakUP and get your church to listen.

Help Wanted: Protecting Orphans from Human Trafficking

As part National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, gain an overview of the global human trafficking problem, its impact on orphans, and what orphan care ministries, churches, and motivated individuals can do to make a difference.

Prayer Gathering for Haiti

January 12th marked one year since the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  Those few moments and their aftermath took hundreds of thousands of lives, left countless homeless, and affected countless children in profound and permanent ways, including leaving many as orphans.   At the exact time of the one-year anniversary, we came together as the body of Christ to pray for the country of Haiti, for stability and integrity in its government, for ongoing relief and rebuilding efforts, for the Haitian church, and for the children of Haiti we all care about so much.

Starting and Growing a Church-Based Orphan Ministry

Explore the significant decisions, challenges and solutions involved in starting an adoption, foster and/or global orphan care ministry as a part of your church.

The Financial Challenge of Adoption and How the Church Can Respond

Equipping churches to help adoptive families overcome one of the biggest barriers to adoption: money

Partnering with the Local Church to Care for Orphans in Haiti

Practical advice, principles and practices for how your church can wisely partner with indigenous churches to care for orphans in Haiti and beyond

The Post-Placement Journey

Dr. Karyn Purvis and Amy Monroe offer insights and resources to equip adoption and foster ministries to help families meet the challenges of loving, nurturing and building strong relationships with children from hard places.

The Safe Families Model

Learn about a transformational alternative to foster care that makes the homes of local Christians and their church community the center of care.  This model now serves more than 1,000 youth in the Chicago area each year, and is now being replicated by Alliance organizations and churches in seven states.

How to Help Without Hurting

As church groups nationwide head out on summer missions trips, learn key principles and practices to ensure that the long-term results are for good.  Show an orphan the tangible love of Christ, building on principles that are practical, field-tested and useful for your next mission trip.