The local church in every nation
as the primary answer to the global orphan crisis

Thousands of churches, independent ministries and individuals around the world work in orphan care, adoption, foster care and family care projects.  Many of these efforts are led by western NGO’s.  But increasingly, local churches and ministries are initiating significant orphan care efforts. This shift towards locally led, long-term solutions rooted in the church is also giving rise to independent national orphan care movements in countries around the world.

While most are still in their infancy, these movements are advocating for orphan care initiatives in churches, uniting Christians in prayer and action for the fatherless, and connecting with government leaders to champion systemic change to address the needs of orphans in their countries.

CAFO’s Global Movements Initiative works to help stimulate locally-led initiatives and support their expansion.  Our desire is to harness the full strengths of the entire CAFO community to work humbly alongside emerging leaders worldwide to:

  • Inspire local churches to join together through the creation of orphan care movements in every country around the world.
  • Mature existing national movements towards long-term strategies and solutions through strategic training and shared expertise.
  • Connect these movements with a global hub for information and cooperation.
  • Promote best practices of adoption, fostering, orphan care, and family care worldwide.

CAFO’s Global Movements Initiative is centered on catalyzing, equipping, and connecting national orphan care movements in countries around the world.  Each country will develop its own autonomous, independent network of churches and ministries, with the strategic assistance of CAFO.  The worldwide network of national Christian orphan care movements will connect together through the Global Orphan Council.