Jedd Medefind – Greetings from Ukraine!

Jedd Medefind, President of CAFO, sends a video blog from Slavyansk, Ukraine, while preparing a video to share Orphan Sunday with the world.


    Thank you Mr. Medefind, I saw you video clip but could not really view it clearly because
    it just gave partial view. I need a video, the disk and the recordings, at least so that I will
    be able to have a look at everything.Please, I hope I’m not giving you hard time. Thank you again for the conference. Bye for now!


  • Phyllis

    So Grateful for the work being done in Ukraine! May God Bless every effort being done there to help the children and the people of Ukraine. Our beautiful daughters were adopted from Ukraine at the ages of 14 & 15 4 years ago! It has blessed our family in more ways than I have words. Thank you!