Japan’s Tsunami

The shortest verse in the Bible is also among its most profound:  Jesus wept. It is not hard to imagine that he does so again now over the anguish following Japan’s Tsunami.  Thousands are dead, countless more wounded and displaced.

Given Japan’s affluence and well-developed social services, the needs of newly-made orphans and other vulnerable children will be very different than following developing world disasters.  Inter-country adoption, which is almost never a wise course in the immediate aftermath of disaster, will not likely be a need in the long run either.

But the sorrow and emotional hurt of children and so many others besides calls out for comfort, encouragement and love alongside the more visible, physical needs.  Let us not feel without acting, even if that acting is primarily prayer at this point.  In addition, for those desiring to help financially, I am aware of one excellent Alliance organization involved in response and recovery efforts:   The Global Aid Network (GAIN).   (We’d strongly affirm support flowing through GAIN to Japan, and will add additional Alliance organizations if we learn of others at work on the ground.)


  • shelea bennett

    I am just so sad for the babies without families now. If there is a need for families here in America to help with these babies there is a family in Houston that will welcome any child in need of a home and love with open arms. God Bless

  • M. Kelly

    There is also a loving christian family in Wisconsin in search of a child to give a home too! Prayers and love to all of those who have been affected by this great tragedy!!

  • Catherine Tudor

    My home and heart are open to any Japanese orphan.

  • Kathy Doss

    I would like to get more and continued information & updates about children who have been orphaned because of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. Thank you.

  • Adam

    Is there a way to help a child or children or family by bringing them here and housing them for a while?

  • Anna Velkey-Solvberg

    If you give fast, you give twice – my father taught me… I would like to know if any organisation will assit adoption of Japanese children who became orphans as a result of the quake and tsunami? Where can I find out more about it? (We are a Christian couple in Hungary)Thank you!

  • auntjude20

    My heart is broken for all the people of Japan; I would be most honored to help with any child or children who need a loving and stable home. If anyone knows how to help, please let me know.
    Thank-you and God be with those in Japan.

  • Diane DiGregory

    It is awful to imagine babies and children suffering and afraid right now. My heart is breaking for them. As Christians, we need to pray for them and pray that God will help guide us towards how we can help. Is it financial aid for some or considering adopting a child into a loving family.

  • Jeff Baumann

    I don’t know if a tradgedy like this will present a need for American families to support the adoption of orphaned children. We have 5 children in our family(here in the Louisville area). One of our children was adopted about a year and a half ago. It’s been a wonderful experience for us. We want to adopt more when the time/opportunity is right. Maybe now is that time. If there are needs/opportunities for this, our family would be very interested. I’m not sure how this works, or even if this is the right place to persue the issue. But if anyone has information that would be helpful to us, please pass it on. God Bless!

  • janet

    I am happy to assist a child or siblings to keep all they have, each other, together. I am able to have children. My husband is a surgeon and I am going to nursing school- please contact us if we can help.

  • Lynn Moir

    Our New York family has plenty of room in our hearts for a Japanese orphan.

  • Pamela

    Our family would openly and lovingly welcome an orphaned Japanese child from this tragedy! Please contact me if there is a need. Interestingly, we were scheduled to be relocated to Japan in the summer months. Now I dont know if we will. I do speak some Japanese by the way. I send all of these children a huge hug and a prayer!

  • http://www.hairphil.com Julieta Peralta-Arambulo

    My husband and I would like to adopt or be the foster parents of an orphaned child or siblings from Japan caused by tsunami.I will be willing to send them to my country to take care of them, while their country is working hard to recover from the devastation caused by calamities…I admire the discipline and calmness shown by the Japanese people during this time of difficulties .Our prayers are with then that they will persevere and remain united always.God bless.

  • http://www.MaryFaktor.com Mary Faktor

    We would love to adopt a japanese child who has been orphaned in this disaster. Please contact us with information

  • Mircea Nemes

    My wife and I would be hapy to adopt two Japanese kids and take care of them as our doughters are now in their 20s. We live in uk and love the ideea
    to help Japanese people after this awfull desaster.

  • Sarah A.

    Our heart weeps with all in Japan. I have a friend who lives there with her family and thank the Lord they are o.k. Our home in Colorado is open for children that need a home.

  • Justine

    We would love to adopt a child and provide a conducive home for her/him. But I don’t know how and who to contact….

  • http://None Gigi McCallister

    I am interested in adopting 1 or more of Japan’s tsunami orphans. Open to any age. Do you have any agency/contact suggestions?

  • Patrina Goli

    There is a home full of love here in New Zealand waiting for a child!

  • Mira Dimova

    I am ready to adopt a Japanese orphan after the earthquake. I am 30 years old, have stable own business and I was planning to adopt a baby anyway. Please, help me make a child happy, loved and well taken care of.
    Thank you!

  • Andrea M

    We would LOVE to adopt a Japanese orphan our family stopped when I had to have a hysterectomy this summer. We would love to offer our home to a boy or girl in need, we would be willing to take siblings, up to two kids. PLEASE let us know if there is a child in need because we are in need of another child to love, I work from home and my husband has a good job.

  • Meenakshi Iyer

    Feel sorry for the children who have been orphaned due to the disaster in Japan. If I can be of any help-including sponsoring or adopting a girl child from Japan, please let me know.

    Mumbai (Bombay), India

  • Katy and Todd

    We have room for up to 3 Japanese orphans that need a home. It is bad enough for children to have to deal with such a disaster. It would be even worse if they had to be separated from their sibling.

  • virginia casas

    My heart breaks for the Japanese people. I can’t find the words to express sympathy; there are no words for this devastation.

    My family will lovingly open our doors to any orphaned child. God has been good to us and it’s my duty to now help someone else.

    God bless them all.

  • Long

    Would be glad to house a family, children etc. Private apartment/2 bed/2 bath…Charlotte NC area…rural setting.

  • Christina Ikonomovska

    My heart is broken for the children that have been left orphans because of this disaster. My husband and I have so much love to give and would love to open our home to a child, we are also open to siblings, as well. Please let us know. Children are ALWAYS a blessing; we would feel so blessed.

  • Marissa Cruz

    I would love to welcome any orphan children from the victim of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I speak fluent japanese and I strongly believe that I can take care of the child. Japan has been my home for the past 16 years of my life. I know a lot of things about Japanese culture and traditions. Please let me know how can I adopt an orphan from Japan.

  • cca3340

    There is another family in Los Angeles area who are prepared to take in a child orphaned by the disaster in Japan. My heart breaks…

  • Brad Sloan

    Has anyone found out if their is a way to adopt a child from Japan. We would like to help out but dont know how to go about it. We are a very fortunate family in Orlando with 3 children and a large house with extra room. Thanks for your help

    Brad Sloan

  • Therese Wood

    I have family in Japan, but they were not affected by the Tsunami and Earthquakes, and I am thankful to God. It breaks my heart to see such tragedy. I too think that maybe this is God’s way of asking us to reach out and help someone. God did not bless me with the ability to have children so maybe this is what he wants me to do. I would love to know how I can adopt a Japanese orphaned child (maybe 2). I have the most spectacular Japanese mother who taught me her cultural beliefs, morals, and ethics that I would love to pass on to a child. It would make me very happy to lovingly take a Japanese child in my home, and love him or her like my own. I am in the Jacksonville, NC area.

  • Kim Hetherington

    My family will open their hearts and their home to any Japanese children, babies needing a loving home in Australia.

  • Wendy Tiffany

    We have plenty of Love to give an orphaned Japanese child, also we have two children of our own and plenty of room.

  • ray thompson

    me and my wife are caring parents , we have already raised 2 boys and 1 girl who are now 26 and 24. my wife is asian and we would like to help an orphan child from the japan tsunami

  • Crenguta

    Am very impressed about disaster in japan. I am coming from a loving family. And We are very open to idea of adopting an orphan child from Japan.

    I do not know where or with whoum i must talk about this subject.

    Please help!



  • Ashley

    Japanese adoption law states that only those internationals residing in Japan are able to adopt Japanese orphans. As the laws during these massive tragedies do not change quickly and are often even more strictly enforced for the protection of the children it is likely to remain this way.

  • Donna Harrs

    We would love to adopt child(ren) who are in need of a home after the tsunami. Loving, christian home. Please contact me with any info.

  • Larisa and John

    We are a family in New York with children on our own. We would love to adopt a child or two siblings of any sex and age who became orphans as a result of disasters in Japan.

  • Fatima Oliveira

    My husband and I are blessed to the parents to an adopted child and have for a while been praying for God to bring another child to our home to add to our family. Our daughter has been asking for a sibling and we would like to tell that we have a loving home and would love to welcome an orphan from the tsunami. We are a family with strong christian values and can lead another child to the Lord. Please contact us with any information. Thank you

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  • Carrie

    There is also a home in Virginia that would be honored to take in a child. I have two little girls and would love another. I pray for God’s protection on these little ones. I cry every night just thinking about this.

  • Carolyn Lopez

    As adoptive parents already we would open our home again… We cherish all children.

  • Milene Mazini Bonilha

    Todas as noites rezo por essas crianças…Gostaria muito de adotar uma menina vítima desta tragédia…Tenho um menino e fico imaginando se fosse conosco…O que tenho que fazer para a adoção.. Por favor quero muito ajudar. Muito obrigada…Milene.

  • Dee

    I was born and raised in Japan before moving to the States when I was 8 years old. I speak both languages fluently and frequently go to Japan to visit. I would love to adopt a child or a siblings who have been orphaned by the Tsunami. My heart goes out to everyone, including those mothers who lost their children.

  • Joy O

    We would like to help one or two orphaned children from the disaster in Japan. I know we can make a positive difference in the life of a child.
    Thank you for the information to come, and caring.

  • Karie Salazar

    I am reaching out to help by adopting a child that has lost family and needs a loving stable home. I have the means to provide a loving caring home and future for a child of any age or sex that is in need. I pray for all of these people in Japan who have suffered losses on every level. God’s peace be with them all.

  • Marianne T

    Just so everyone is aware, Japanese laws are very strict concerning adoptions; one might even say hostile to it. There were only 34-35 international adoptions from japan last year (2010). Because it is a fully developed coutry, with a strong economy, there isn’t too much of a need after the earthquake, nor do they really want it (just type “japanese orphans” into google, and you’ll get a slew of articles expressing the japanese’s opinion that they’d “like to keep our kids, as we’re perfectly capable, thankyouverymuch”.

    I’m not trying to be a debbie downer, I’m just saying, as someone who looked into it about 7 years ago, it’s not really an option to adopt orphans from Japan because of the tie to bloodlines that they feel.

  • Marcia

    I agree with Marianne T. I have lived in Japan for nearly 18 years now and adoption (even among Japanese couples who can’t have children) is very rare. Adoption is saved for adult children to move into a relative’s family who has no children and wants to continue their bloodline. That was the case with my father-in-law, but that is another story. Most likely these children will have relatives, who will be asked to take them into their home. I’m not sure that is the best solution, though, as they might become second-class children. They may also be sent to some of the existing orphanages here, of which there are not many. Another solution would be to start group homes within Japan for these particular children, so that they can be kept together with a couple who will raise them. That is what I am praying for.

  • Marlee

    While realizing that adoption has been a rare option for Japanese children due to the sacred nature of bloodlines and preservation of culture in Japan, we see adoption into a family as the only truly viable option for preserving this vulnerable set of children. Those who honor Japan, those who seek to preserve the young of this great nation, do so with the deepest desire to nurture and care for these young ones. We seek to bring them up to cherish all that is honorable and most important in Japanese culture and in traditional family life. I also pray that consideration will be given to allowing us to nurture and care for a child or children who need a home with a mother, father and siblings. We promise to honor Japan in culture, language and tradition.

  • Elizabeth CJ

    We used to live in Japan…if the culture hasn’t changed much in the area of adoption then, there won’t be any adoptions available. For the most part, if family cannot care for a child, particularly the dad who has had more rights than the moms in the past, the child goes into an orphanage. Very sad indeed. Two of our 5 are adopted. There wasn’t a word in Japanese for adoption. They just don’t do it very often…or at least they didn’t. If they start, we’d love to have a couple of the cutie pies! Such a sweet and gentle culture!

  • Miho James

    I am a Japanese who live in Australia permanently. I have lost my both parents suddenly. 4 months have passed but it is not easy to realize that my parents are not here to talk to, laugh at, argue with and share something. How those kids are feeling at the moment? I feel like to hug them strongly. I know Japanese adoption system is very rare. If not, we would have adopted one as we do not have any kid. So I am looking for something that I could do for them. Is there someway to bring some of those kids to here for a short time at least they could avert their mind from sad event. But I do not know why. All I could do is to pray God and ask Him to help me. I would like to see a smile on each face even if that smile is temporarly.

  • Miho James

    This is very sad. I am a Japanese who is living in Australia. I have lost both of my parents suddenly for 3 months. 4 months have passed but I still have trobles to realize that my parents are not there to talk to, laugh at, argue with and share something. I know Japanese adoption is not happening. If it is, we would have adopted as we do not have kids. I am thinking of the way I could help them. I would like to bring those kids here to do a short home stay. It is not a permanent solution but at least it might avert their sad memory tempolarily. I would like to see the smile on each face.

    I do not know how. All I can do is to ask for God to show me the way.