The Alliance Leadership Council

The Christian Alliance for Orphans’ Leadership Council is drawn from individuals with deep commitment to the Gospel and to the orphan, who are also highly-respected leaders in their field of expertise.   Council members are both as strategic advisors and leadership donors for the work of the Alliance.

Members of the Leadership Council recognize that the Biblical mandate to care for orphans cannot be achieved by government, nor can it be carried out by full-time ministry professionals alone.  Rather, Council members understand the strategic importance of mobilizing, equipping, and interconnecting Christians for lifelong engagement in adoption, foster care and global orphan ministries rooted in the local church.  Thus, each has made special investment of both expertise and finances to further this vision through the Christian Alliance for Orphans.

This investment multiplies the impact of the Alliance.  Ultimately, the counsel and financial support of Council members expands the unified, effective and Christ-honoring response of the Church in defending the fatherless.

The Alliance Leadership Council Objectives

1)      Provides strategic counsel for Alliance plans and priorities, particularly in the Council member’s field of personal and professional expertise.

2)      Helps to build a diverse base of financial support for the work of the Alliance.

The Financial Support of the Leadership Council

Financial support contributed and raised by Council members fuels the work of the Christian Alliance for Orphans.  Ultimately, these funds serve to transform the lives of orphans by igniting and equipping Christians for personal, sustained engagement in the “cause of the fatherless” through adoption, foster care and global orphan ministry rooted in the local church.

This is a strategic, rather than immediate, mission.  As the Alliance helps Christians understand God’s call to care for the orphan and equips them for effective response, the impact reaches far beyond a single program or met need.  Rather, an ever-expanding army of passionate advocates invest time, talent and treasure in a personal and sustained commitment to the cause of the orphan.

The Alliance does not require a large overhead budget or infrastructure.  Rather, the leadership provided by the Alliance helps unleash and coordinate the extensive expertise, infrastructure and communications networks of its members for maximum impact.  Thus, contributions to Alliance projects are roughly tripled by volunteer and in-kind commitments of member organizations and volunteers, from office space and technology to graphic design.

Without the Alliance, most of its members would work alone or in small groups.  Today, the unifying influence and leadership of the Alliance enable its 120+ organizations and national network of churches to impact jointly in well-synchronized initiatives, from the annual Summit to the national Orphan Sunday campaign.

Leadership Council Involvement

Council members interact with the President and other Alliance leaders at key moments throughout the year as issues related to their areas of expertise arise.  In addition, Council members participate in two planned interactions annually:

  • Each Council member commits to participate in at least one strategic review and planning session per year, either in-person or via teleconference.  Teleconference sessions last approximately 90-minutes.  Following the session they join, members respond with specific recommendations to the President of the Alliance.
  • Council members are invited to join a special reception with the President and Board of the Alliance and other special guest at the annual Summit.  This gathering serves to build cohesion, vision and lasting friendship among Council Members and other key leaders.

For more information about joining the Christian Alliance for Orphans Leadership Council, contact Elizabeth Wiebe, Director of Outreach.