We welcome your interest in joining the Christian Alliance for Orphans!  Membership is an opportunity both to serve and to be served.  Through the national Alliance, regional alliances give by participating in Alliance initiatives that stir God’s people to action and offering their experience to churches nationwide.  Regional alliances also receive as they draw from the combined resources, experts and services offered by the nationwide network of Alliance member organizations, individuals and church ministries.  Together, we work to ignite and equip God’s people for effective adoption, foster and global orphan care ministry.


1. Read Regional Alliance Membership Criteria and Guidelines

2. Complete and submit the following forms:

3. Send forms to: Christian Alliance for Orphans, 6723 Whittier Avenue, McLean, VA 22101 or email: info@cafo.org

4. Upon receipt of the above items, applicants will be considered provisional members until officially approved by the membership committee. Applicants will receive notification of acceptance by email.

NOTE:  Regional Alliance are asked to confirm that their member churches meet Alliance Criteria and Standards (see Membership Guidelines).

DUES:  The Alliance exists to serve the Church, so no are dues required of regional alliances or their member churches.  Regional alliances and member churches that share the Alliance vision are invited to join in financial support of the ministry as they are able.

Please contact the Alliance with any questions or look over FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

Regional Alliance Member Spreadsheet

Church Membership Application