Membership in the Alliance is an opportunity to join in a vision for God’s glory and the care of orphans that is larger than any one organization or project.  Together, we seek to inspire, interlink and equip God’s people to reflect His heart for the orphan.

As churches and individuals respond to this call, we draw upon the strengths of all members to equip them for effective adoption, foster and global orphan ministry.  The Alliance also connects these local ministries with trustworthy, Gospel-centered organizational partners.  To a watching world, the Alliance is an all-too-rare picture of the church unified, serving the fatherless in both word and deed, bearing poignant testimony to the character of our God.

What is the Christian Alliance for Orphans?
The Christian Alliance for Orphans unites more than one hundred highly-respected organizations and a national network of churches to ignite and equip Christians to care for orphans in their distress.  Its impact comes not from large staff or budgets, but by coordinating the strengths of Alliance member organizations, volunteer advocates and church ministries in joint initiatives.

What is the focus of the Alliance’s work?
All Alliance initiatives seek to escalate the engagement and effectiveness of the Church in “defending the cause of the fatherless” (Isaiah 1:17).  The Alliance seeks especially to help inspire and grow local hubs of adoption, foster care and global orphan care ministry in churches nationwide.  The Alliance also applies its authority to hold its members to the highest standards of fiscal accountability, effectiveness, and Gospel-centered ministry.

Who Are Alliance Members?
Alliance member organizations encompass the full continuum of response to the spiritual and physical needs of orphans worldwide—including adoption, foster care, and global orphan care.  Members include many of the largest and most respected organizations in Christian ministry…as well as new and entrepreneurial ministry ventures.  Many of the very best church-based orphan ministries serve through the Alliance as well.

Why Join?
The Alliance is not first a chance to receive, but an opportunity to give in ways that echo.  It unites members in joint initiatives that impact more deeply than any one organization or individual could alone.  Together, we’re igniting and equipping God’s people to share His heart for orphans.  If that’s your desire, participating with the Alliance amplifies your efforts.  In addition:

  • For organizations, Alliance membership confirms an organization’s commitment to fiscal integrity, good governance and Gospel-centered ministry, ensuring quality partners for churches and local leaders.
  • High-visibility communication campaigns boost engagement in the Church, growing investment of time, talent and treasure for orphans locally, nationally and globally.
  • Connection with a growing network that’s committed to the Gospel and the orphan helps forge new relationships—from the simple exchange of helpful models to major partnerships.
  • Participation in the expanding array of Alliance initiatives, from national Orphan Sunday to the annual Summit, places members at the center of a movement that encompasses more people every day.

What Does Membership Cost?
The Alliance exists to serve churches and help them grow effective orphan ministry, so church membership and regional alliance membership is free.  Organizational members contribute modest annual dues.  (See application for more details.)  A minimum donation of $50 is requested for individual membership to help support the work of the Alliance.